Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Municode Municipal Law Research Library Now Available

The Goodson Law Library has just subscribed to MuniPro MuniCode Library, a database with nearly 4,000 municipal codes. While many municipal and local ordinances are freely readable and searchable online (such as Durham, NC), MuniPro allows researchers to search across multiple codes and jurisdictions, as well as create saved searches and alerts for topics of interest. For more details, visit the vendor help page


Screenshot of Municode home page depicting black and white map of United States

Municode is available to current members of the Duke University community and is linked from the Legal Databases & Links and campus libraries Databases A-Z list. If using off-campus, connect via the Library Resources Only group of the Duke VPN. At the Municode home page, select "Sign in" in the header area and then click "Log in with site-wide subscription."

Additional resources for researching municipal codes include:

  • Fastcase (University) includes city codes for Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem in its North Carolina Statutes and Legislative Codes section, although these are updated only to 2021.
  • Lexis (Law only): The All Municipal Codes database allows for searching across thousands of municipal codes and ordinances. Individual code databases for states are also available. Secondary sources of interest within Lexis include Antieau on Local Government Law, 2d, accessible from the main Lexis search bar.
  • Nexis Uni (University): The campus-wide version of Lexis includes a US Municipal Codes database. To reach it, click Advanced Search, then select Legal > Statutes and Legislation > US Municipal Codes. State-specific municipal code databases are also accessible from the All Sources menu.
  • Westlaw (Law only): The Municipal Law section focuses less on specific local codes and more on the sections of state codes that describe the powers and functions of municipal government. Available secondary sources in this section include the drafting guide Matthews Municipal Ordinances and the treatise McQuillin on The Law of Municipal Corporations.

For help using these resources or researching other municipal law issues, be sure to Ask a Librarian.