Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lexis/Westlaw summer access

Students: Have you had trouble with your Law School-issued Lexis and Westlaw IDs recently? You may have forgotten to extend your access for the summer, which can result in error messages at the login screen, or severely limited access to databases within the services.Lexis and Westlaw do offer full access to law student accounts over the summer for certain educational and non-profit purposes (such as a research assistantship or law review work), but this is not automatically authorized. If you’re experiencing access problems, try logging in to Lexis and Westlaw and look for links from the home page about summer access. You will need to select an educational or non-profit exception and agree to the terms of use. Remember that use of your Law School account for commercial purposes (e.g., in a summer job at a for-profit firm) is not allowed under the terms of the Law School’s contract with the vendors.

If you continue to experience problems with your Lexis or Westlaw account over the summer, even after registering for extended access, please contact the Reference Desk.