Friday, January 23, 2009

How Was Work Today, Mr. President?

While President Obama may be hanging on to his Blackberry over concerns from staff (story at, cybersecurity measures will ensure that he won’t be nearly as accessible online as he was during his campaign. (For example, he hasn’t made a tweet since the day before the inauguration.)

However, you can still stay abreast of the President’s latest work. One of the first major changes in the new administration is the creation of the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents (, which replaces a Weekly Compilation that had been published since 1965. Like the Weekly Compilation before it, the Daily Compilation will be annually compiled into the Public Papers of the President. It will contain materials such as speeches, press conference transcripts, executive orders and memoranda, signing statements, and other messages issued by the President.

For more information on presidential documents, see the Goodson Law Library research guide to Federal Administrative Law, which has been updated to reflect this change.