Thursday, February 12, 2009

PILF Attendees: Win a Law School Survival Kit!

Law students: we feel your pain. At the end of the semester, there is so much to do that it sometimes feels like a chore just to leave the building. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could assemble a care package with everything you need to camp out in the Law School for a few days and finish your to-do list?

Well, the Goodson Law Library reference staff is offering you just that chance. Attendees of the PILF Auction & Gala on Saturday, February 21 can bid to win a “Law School Survival Kit” jam-packed with goodies (both practical and frivolous) to help you make it through those long days of studying.

The kit contains:
  • STUDY AIDS: ExamPro texts on Criminal Procedure and Federal Income Tax (generously donated by Westlaw); 50 pairs of earplugs; your own personal mini stapler; a giant pack of highlighters
  • SUSTENANCE: A week’s worth of microwaveable dinners (mac & cheese, Campbell’s Soup); box of plastic silverware; microwave popcorn and granola bars (to be enjoyed outside of the library); 4-pack of Red Bull; Nestle hot cocoa; Goodson Law Library travel mug
  • STUFF (FUN): A Vintage edition of Scrabble (suitable for Reading Room tables); Kodak FunSaver camera (for preserving Barristers' Ball or other Law School memories); 2,000 in LexisNexis Rewards Points cards (generously donated by LexisNexis)
And that's not all! In a separate auction item, you can bid to win a piece of the Goodson Law Library-- your very own study carrel. Study carrels are traditionally first-come, first-served in the library...except for the lucky PILF bidder who wins a year-long property claim in carrel 1C11 (yes, it's a window seat).

Proceeds from the PILF Auction help to fund grants for law students who wish to pursue legal careers in the government and nonprofit sectors. Please join the library staff in support of this very worthy cause!