Monday, August 12, 2013

Trade Law Guide Now Available Campus-Wide

The Goodson Law Library now has campus-wide access to Trade Law Guide, a source for legal materials from the World Trade Organization. The database contains WTO agreements and instruments, negotiating history, precursor agreements, all related WTO and pre-WTO case law, dispute documents and other related content. The database is accessible from the Legal Databases & Links page under Foreign & International Resources.

An encyclopedic Subject Navigator organizes topics alphabetically, allowing quick access to specific agreements. Trade Law Guide also features a citator service for both articles and case law, linking users to a list of documents which have each cited back to a particular article or case. Several key agreements are also available in annotated format, linking to citing articles and cases.

Trade Law Guide will soon be added to the library’s research guide for GATT/WTO resources, alongside the competing service For help finding other international trade resources in the library, be sure to Ask a Librarian.