Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A New Look for LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic, the campus-wide version of the Law School's LexisNexis online legal research system, will unveil its new interface on Monday, December 23. Details about the changes, including screenshots and an instructional video detailing the upcoming new look, can be found on the LexisNexis wiki.

The biggest change will be the introduction of a single search box, which replaces the six separate "Easy Search" options on the current interface. The new search box combines legal, news, and business searching, with an Advanced Options tab to help filter out unwanted content. (An "Easy Search" box to retrieve court opinions by citation or party name will still be available on the home page, for quick law-related lookups.)

The new link to Search by Content Type will replace the current left-hand menu which links to custom search pages for "US Legal" and "International Legal". The new interface also provides a quick link to search or browse the source directory, in order to access specific content. LexisNexis Academic includes a robust collection of case law and legislation from the U.S. federal government and states; Canadian, European Union and other foreign legal materials are also included. LexisNexis Academic also includes a large collection of law review and legal journal articles, as well as access to the legal encyclopedia American Jurisprudence 2d ("AmJur"), a helpful starting place for researching most legal topics.

For help with using LexisNexis Academic, either before or after the December 23 "interface refresh," be sure to Ask a Librarian.