Monday, January 27, 2014

Law360 Content Coming Soon to Lexis

The latest content update to Lexis Advance, scheduled for release on February 17, will include full-text access to Law360 articles. Law360 is a popular current-awareness service which tracks litigation, legislation and corporate developments on a variety of subject areas. LexisNexis purchased the company back in 2012, but this is the first time that Law360 content has been available as part of a law school Lexis account. (For more information about the ten-year history of Law360, check out last summer's Dewey B Strategic blog post, The Improbable Rise of Law360.)

As seen on the homepage, the service organizes its headlines into about 35 topical practice areas. On, these areas are each a separate subscription. Readers can view only a brief introduction to articles which are outside their subscription areas. Law360 on Lexis Advance will include the full text of Law360 headlines, without the need to visit; researchers will be able to access Law360 articles in Lexis search results under the "Legal News" tab, and can select "Law360 Legal News" as a search filter. Alerts can also be set up in Lexis for Law360 search results on a specified topic or keyword.

The February 17 Lexis update will bring additional content to Lexis Advance, including 50-state surveys, court filings, and archived state codes and bills. Currently, this content is only available on the interface. A final update scheduled for Fall 2014 will migrate the remaining content from into Lexis Advance, most notably the foreign and international law materials. For help with navigating Lexis Advance, either before or after the February update, be sure to Ask a Librarian.