Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Law.com and Legal News Sources

Law.com, the online home of American Lawyer Media (ALM) publications like The National Law Journal and American Lawyer, is now available to the Law School community. In addition to Law.com online-only content, electronic versions of the following publications are included:
  • American Lawyer 
  • AmLaw Litigation Daily 
  • Connecticut Law Tribune 
  • Corporate Counsel 
  • Daily Business Review 
  • Daily Report 
  • Delaware Business Court Insider 
  • Delaware Law Weekly 
  • Inside Counsel 
  • Legal Intelligencer 
  • Legal Tech News 
  • National Law Journal 
  • New Jersey Law Journal 
  • New York Law Journal 
  • Supreme Court Brief 
  • Texas Lawyer 
  • The Recorder

Full text access is available within the Law School's IP range at Law.com, and current Law School community members may also create a personal account (allowing mobile and off-campus access) at this site. (ALM publications are also available to the Law School community within Lexis Advance, under the "Legal News" section.)

Law.com is just one source for keeping up with the latest legal news and analysis. The Law School community also has access to Law360 (within the Law School network or online in Lexis Advance), BNA Law Reports (with NetID or online in Bloomberg Law), and specialized topics such as Kluwer Arbitration, the Deal Pipeline (transactional law), and IP Watch (intellectual property). Visit Legal Databases & Links to view specialized legal resources and their access polices.

For more general (i.e., non-legal) news sources, the Duke University Libraries offer multiple options for American and world newspapers. For example, America's News includes full text of large and small-town papers, generally back to the early 1990s. The DUL research guide to Newspapers in the Duke University Libraries include tabs for U.S., U.K., and world newspapers, both current and historical. For help with finding or using a news source, be sure to Ask a Librarian.