Thursday, August 1, 2019

CourtLink Now on Lexis Advance

Effective August 1, Lexis Advance accounts at the Law School now include access to CourtLink, a service that includes state and federal court records. Current members of the Law School community can access CourtLink via the product-switcher icon in the top left corner of any Lexis Advance screen.

The search screen allows users to locate names or search terms within docket sheets and/or within available full-text documents within CourtLink. Note that while the main CourtLink search box allows for Boolean/Terms &Connectors searching, the name fields (such as for Party, Attorney, and Judge) will not recognize connectors such as "/2" between a first and last name. In those fields, simply type the names using natural language.

Documents available to educational accounts within CourtLink will be labeled Free, with a link to the full text. For commercial Lexis Advance accounts, there are three CourtLink statuses: Free, Online (available to download by request), and Runner (requires courier to be dispatched to court). Educational accounts are not eligible for runner services, or to download documents that are not already available in CourtLink. However, the Free documents include some historical filings from legacy court docket products that cannot be found on other platforms.

CourtLink also allows users to set up alerts for searches or particular dockets. This brief instructional video demonstrates the steps for searching and setting up alerts. A Quick Reference Guide is also available.

For help with searching for dockets and/or court filings, check out the library's Court Records and Briefs research guide or Ask a Librarian.