Friday, November 1, 2019

Tax Notes International Now Available

The Goodson Law Library has added the International module to its Tax Analysts subscription (featured in the Goodson Blogson last December). This new module includes full-text access to the Tax Notes International magazine (browseable to 2001, and searchable back to 1989) and the daily news publication, Tax Notes Today International (browseable to 1999).

Use of the Tax Analysts platform requires a username and password. Current members of the Duke University community may register with their email address for access. To access the international materials, log in to Tax Analysts. The red "International" link in the top right corner will show the Tax Notes Today International home page; a link to the Tax Notes International magazine can be found by scrolling down to the "Magazines" section of the Tax Analysts home page. The orange "Subscriptions" drop-down menu in the top right corner will link to both international publications as well.

For help with registering for Tax Analysts or with navigating the system, be sure to Ask a Librarian.