Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeling the Heat?

As the Triangle area braces for record-breaking high temperatures over the next week, please be aware that the heat may impact the Law Library in more ways than one.

Ever since we relocated to our temporary home in the Annex (now more than a year ago), the Law Library has tended to experience more dramatic temperature changes than the Law School. Students who are attending classes in the heavily air-conditioned Law School will definitely feel a difference when they come to study at the Annex.

Although it is normal for the Annex building to be a little warmer than the Law School, please talk with a library staff member if the heat becomes unusually high and we will be happy to place a maintenance call. If you plan to travel between the two buildings regularly, take a fashion tip from the Library staff and always dress in layers.

Keep in mind that you aren’t the only ones feeling the heat. Warm, muggy weather conditions can actually affect our computing equipment too, especially the networked printers (moisture in the air causes the paper to expand, which can result in frequent paper jams). If you experience any problems with the networked printers, please don’t hesitate to report them to a staff member on duty, or contact the Academic Technologies Help Desk directly at or 613-7072. The e-mail account and help line are monitored regularly, so please report issues even if you are in the building after business hours.

If you're looking to cool down at lunchtime (perhaps with a Locopop at the Refectory or a smoothie at the Alpine Atrium), be sure to bookmark the Duke Dining summer 2008 schedule ( to keep informed of summer hours and holiday closings.