Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey, That's MY Hein!

Legal researchers already know HeinOnline as a great source for obtaining the full text of older law review articles in PDF. It's also the place to go for historical versions of primary U.S. legal sources like Statutes at Large, the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations, and the Congressional Record (whose scanning project will be completed later this week). In recent years, Hein has also become a major source for foreign and international law materials, with its full reprint of the English Reports and an extensive "Treaties and Agreements Library".

But in such a big database, how can you keep track of all your research? The HeinOnline Blog just announced the debut of MyHein, a new service which allows users to bookmark search results for later visits as well as save their search queries. Although the features are most useful for those who choose to register with individual usernames and passwords (since their information will be saved from session to session), the service is also available to unregistered users (although your information will be deleted when you close your HeinOnline session).

Check out the MyHein Video Tutorial for more information.