Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exam Success Tip #2: Consult Prep Guides

Around this time of year, the library fills with 1Ls who are dreading their first law school exams. (Upper-class students are also not immune to this end-of-semester anxiety, even though they have a better idea of what to expect.) During the last week of classes, we're devoting the Goodson Blogson to library tips for exam success. Check back each day for a new tip.

Tip #2. Consult General Law Exam Prep Books

What if you can’t find any past exams from your specific professors? You might benefit from looking at general law examination preparation guidebooks, available on reserve in the library. These books contain an overview of the most common formats for law school exams, and give strategies for studying and for writing successful answers. Often, these books also provide model exam questions and sample answers, along with explanations why a particular answer is more successful than others.

Titles like Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win and Mastering the Law School Exam : A Practical Blueprint for Preparing and Taking Law School Exams can be found in the libraries’ catalog with a subject search for “Law examinations—United States” (http://library.duke.edu/catalog/search/Subject-keyword/%22Law%20examinations--United%20States%22). Generally the most current editions of these books will be available on reserve (4-hour/overnight checkout), although past editions may be available for a longer borrowing period in the General Collection.