Thursday, December 4, 2008

Exam Success Tip #4: It's All About EBB

Around this time of year, the library fills with 1Ls who are dreading their first law school exams. (Upper-class students are also not immune to this end-of-semester anxiety, even though they have a better idea of what to expect.) During the last week of classes, we're devoting the Goodson Blogson to library tips for exam success. Check back each day for a new tip.

Tip #4. Install Electronic Bluebook (EBB) Ahead of Schedule

As Registrar John Spencer sagely noted in last month's panel Exam Prep and Study Session Tips for 1Ls (now available as a webcast; RealPlayer required), please don't hesitate to download Electronic Bluebook (EBB) if you will be using your laptop to take an exam. Detailed instructions are available on the Academic Technologies' Computing for Students page ( If you encounter problems while downloading the software, talk to the Academic Technologies' Help Desk staff.

After downloading the software to your computer, practice using it before your first exam so that you encounter no unpleasant surprises on test day! You might try writing a model answer from one of your professors' old exams (Exam Success Tip #1), or from a general law school exam prep guide (Exam Success Tip #2), in order to familiarize yourself with using the software's basic functions.

Finally, be aware of the Law School's policy and procedures on what to do if you encounter problems with EBB or your laptop during an examination: Just a small amount of EBB preparation before test day could save you a host of trouble during exams!