Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Make the Connection: From CCH to IntelliConnect

Recent users of the CCH Business & Finance Library, Medicare and Medicaid Guide, and Tax Research Network may have noticed a message prompting them to register with a new database called IntelliConnect.

On August 17, IntelliConnect will replace all prior CCH databases, combining the various topical libraries into one comprehensive research system. You can already get a head start on using IntelliConnect by setting up your username and password in order to access the new system. The site offers a number of Flash tutorials for first-time users (although these will not pop up automatically after the second login, they are always accessible from the “Help/Getting Started” link on the left-hand column).

IntelliConnect offers the ability to search content across the various topical libraries, or to browse available content by type (such as “news” or “treatises”). The search box allows you to limit your search words to “citations”, making it easy to quickly retrieve cites such as IRS Revenue Rulings and SEC releases. (The “Citations” tool on the QuickBar also offers fill-in-the-blank forms for a wide variety of citation types.)

The Goodson Law Library’s subscription to IntelliConnect includes access to content in the following Practice Areas:
  • Business Compliance
  • CCH Wall Street
  • Health Care
  • Legal Professionals
  • Tax & Accounting
Note that registration to IntelliConnect is available to all current Duke University students, faculty and staff; however, users connecting from off-campus must access the database via a proxy link on the library webpage, even after registered with a username and password. Off-campus users will need to authenticate with a Duke NetID and password before logging into the system; attempts to access IntelliConnect’s direct URL from off-campus will result in an error message. You can access the proxy link to IntelliConnect (http://library.duke.edu/metasearch/db/id/DUK03667) via the Law Library’s Legal Databases & Links page, or via the Duke University Libraries A-Z database list.