Monday, April 26, 2010

World Constitutions in HeinOnline

Our subscription to HeinOnline now includes the new World Constitutions Illustrated library. Like Constitutions of the Countries & Territories of the World, the Hein library offers current and historical constitutions for foreign countries. The Hein database is unique, though, for a few reasons:
  • Where available, constitutions are provided in their original language as well as in English translation;
  • Constitutions are scanned PDFs from their sources, rather than HTML transcriptions;
  • Country pages include links to relevant commentary in classic constitutional texts and selected scholarly articles.
Constitutions of the Countries & Territories of the World is still useful for locating constitutional documents from provincial governments (which are not yet included in HeinOnline), and its sister database Constitutions of the United States: National & State also includes U.S. state government constitutions.

For more information on researching foreign constitutions, check out our guide to Foreign & Comparative Law or Ask a Librarian.