Monday, February 24, 2014

Win a Piece of the Law Library at PILF!

Attending this year's PILF Auction and Gala on Saturday, March 1? The Goodson Law Library has contributed several great items for the auction portion of the evening. Plan your bids accordingly to win:
  • "Property rights" in a study carrel for the 2014-2015 academic year: A perennial favorite at the PILF Auction! Although study carrels in the Goodson Law Library are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis, the winning bidder of this auction will enjoy a plaque in a selected study carrel (Levels 1 and 4 only) that entitles him/her to evict any "squatters" during the academic year.
  • 24 hours in the Digital Initiatives Lab during spring 2014 finals: During final exams, the study rooms are packed. Library seats are at a premium. Wouldn't you love to have a private spot in the library for you and your study group, where you can close the door and be undisturbed? The winning bidder for this item can do just that, by cashing in a day-long reservation for the Digital Initiatives Lab on Level 3. Whether you plan to have a marathon study session or to project video games onto the display screen, the room will be yours to enjoy for a full 24-hour period.
  • Law School Survival Kit gift basket: lovingly assembled by the library's Reference Services department, this basket is chock-full of goodies to help you get through the rest of the semester. Expect plenty of delicious snacks, useful supplies like highlighters, and a few fun items to cheer up those final exam blues.
  • A Day at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park with Assistant Dean Melanie Dunshee: Melanie Dunshee, Assistant Dean for Library Services, will host up to 4 students at a Durham Bulls baseball game during the 2014 season (date to be determined by the winning bidder and Dean Dunshee). She will even include a ballpark hot dog for each lucky attendee!
  • A Night at Drag Bingo with Prof. Jennifer Behrens: Head of Reference Services and Lecturing Fellow Jennifer Behrens will host a table for up to 9 students at an upcoming Drag Bingo event at the Durham Armory. Date will be determined by the winning bidder and Prof. Behrens (graduating students: note that only one date remains for the spring 2014 semester – Saturday, March 22; for returning students, several dates are scheduled during the fall semester). Drag Bingo combines all the excitement and prizes of traditional bingo with fabulous drag performances. As an added bonus, it is a fundraiser for the AIDS Alliance Service – Carolinas, so your donation to PILF will do double the good!
The PILF Auction & Gala is Duke Law School’s annual fundraiser for its Public Interest Law Foundation, which provides stipends and grants to students who choose to pursue summer employment in the public sector. Auction tickets are on sale daily in the Duke Law School Star Commons for $20 in advance; on the day of the auction, tickets will be $25 at the door of the Durham Convention Center. To learn more about PILF and its fundraising events, visit their website. We hope to see you at the auction!