Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Research Guide to Business Associations

Confused by corporations law? Take some time to learn more about this essential law school subject. Business Associations courses are a foundation for many upper-level law school classes in corporate and financial law topics, and will also be tested on bar examinations (including the jurisdictions which have adopted the Uniform Bar Examination).

The amount of treatises and other research materials on business and corporate law topics can be overwhelming to a BA beginner. Fortunately, the Goodson Law Library is here to help. Reference Librarian Laura Scott has created a new research guide to Business Associations, now available on the library website. The new guide covers both primary law (statutes, regulations, company filings, and case law) and secondary sources. The guide details both print and electronic resources for business associations in general, as well as specific subtopics like corporate governance, Delaware law, and the roles and responsibilities of corporate officers and directors.

Of particular note are the guides to practice area resources within Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, Westlaw, and Intelliconnect. These online research services offer handy "practice center" landing pages which compile frequently-accessed resources on corporate law topics. While the available treatises, forms, and checklists will vary across services due to publisher copyright licensing, the dedicated practice area of your favorite research service can be a great starting place for your business-related research.

The new Business Associations guide is just one of many detailed research guides available from the Goodson Law Library. If your research topic isn't listed (such as a research guide to the law of a state outside of North Carolina), try a search of CALI's Law School custom search engine to locate research guides from other U.S. law school libraries, or Ask a Librarian to show you the way.